Ernie and Frank sit down to chat with McCrae Olson—who many of you know as a finalist from Big Brother 15. But did you know that McCrae is also a longtime employee at one of Frank’s favorite convenience stores, 36 Lyn? In this episode, McCrae dives deep into the state of convenience store marketing, explains why retailers should pay for content that makes people laugh, and even shares a few crazy retail stories.


About McCrae Olson

McCrae Olson is a self-described “former Z-list reality TV contestant” who found his way into the convenience retailing ecosystem by starting at the bottom. After placing fourth as a houseguest on Season 15 of Big Brother, McCrae began working as a night shift cashier at the 36 Lyn Refuel Station in Minneapolis—a popular community store known for its cheap gas and diverse assortment of locally-produced snacks and beverages. Eight years later, McCrae’s intrigue with the industry has led to a variety of roles, including revamping the marketing and social media management for 36 Lyn.


  • How McCrae got on Big Brother 15
  • Life after Big Brother
  • How McCrae used a pizza delivery job to learn a valuable skill
  • Working at the 36 Lyn Refuel Station in Minneapolis
  • What convenience retailers misunderstand about marketing
  • Why retailers should pay for content that makes people laugh
  • McCrae’s strategy for 36 Lyn’s social media

Key Takeaway

  • Everyone knows what the sell is. Customers can smell stale marketing from a mile away. Retailers should be paying for content that makes people laugh.

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