Thank you for being with us for the past nine episodes. To celebrate our tenth, we did something different. This is an honest and off the cuff conversation between the two of us. You’ll hear about psychic gas station goats, how Frank grew up with a speech impediment, the FULL story of the “30 Days of Gas Station Food” experiment, how Al brought a pastry called a “crack stick” onto a Catholic radio show on Sirius XM, and much more.

Frank Beard Al Hebert gas station convenience store gas station gourmet road trip

Note: we recorded this a few weeks ago. We only mention it because we discuss a few COVID-19 topics that are time-sensitive. Post-production unfortunately fell behind due to a few personal issues. (Totally Frank’s fault. Blame him.)

A few things you’ll hear about:

  • Did you know that Al used to be a cop?
  • Frank talks about meeting Al for the first time in person…on a 1,500 mile gas station road trip in Al’s family minivan
  • Al talks about eating cow cheek at a gas station
  • Frank shares the FULL story about the “30 Days of Gas Station Food Experiment,” and how he leveraged a crazy stunt to start a new career
  • Frank talks about trending on next to Kim Kardashian (and why he hopes she goes away after COVID-19)
  • Al brought a pastry called a “crack stick” from a Texas gas station onto a Catholic radio show on Sirius XM
  • Al and Frank discuss their favorite restrooms across the U.S.
  • Al talks about a psychic goat at a gas station in Wisconsin that successfully predicted the last presidential election (Frank has a cycling jersey from the same gas station)
  • Frank grew up with a speech impediment
  • Imposter syndrome sucks, and Frank shares how he’s tried to overcome it
  • Many of our random thoughts about the impact of COVID-19 and what it means for fuel and convenience

That’s it. No timestamps, no links. We hope you enjoy.